Social Marketing

Social Marketing tackles social problems with marketing strategies. Not to be confused with Social Media Marketing, Social Marketing is about supporting new behaviours for the good of our health, society and the environment. Instead of broadcasting information to the mass public, it works with people where they are, using marketing tools to facilitate meaningful and long-lasting change. I'm currently working with Social Marketing @ Griffith (University), undertaking research on food waste and producing communications content for other social marketing programs. 


Waste Not Want Not, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Waste Not Want Not is a food-waste program developed by Social Marketing at Griffith in partnership with Redland City Council. It targets food waste behaviour in the home by promoting the benefits of cooking with leftover meals and ingredients. The program supplied recipes specifically developed to use foods most commonly present in Redland City homes, in addition to re-usable shopping bags, notepads and chopping boards to prompt sustainable consumption. 

Project management and implementation, photography and graphic design for online and print promotion.

Pilot run in March 2017.

Leave It/Dogfest, Social Marketing @ Griffith

I worked with the Leave It team at Social Marketing @ griffith to develop a set of communications materials for online distribution and print promotion. Dogfest was an event run by the team to promote the Leave It dog training program.

Graphic design (not including brand logos) and photography. 

(note: Photography on Banners: Tails of Time)

June 2017



Urban Farming, Feedback Organic

I worked with Dave at Feedback Organic to develop a strategy that would engage his audience in urban farming, as he worked to expand his business into a social enterprise, re-connecting people to the earth and the food-making process.

The three engagement options cater for different segments of his audience, offering an exchange of goods and services in planter boxes and DIY kits OR an experience of farming through the one-hour farmer program. 

Included marketing strategy, graphic design, branding, photography and video production.

Launched January 2017.